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BGA/LGA Routing Calculators


PWB (PCB) Assembly Rules Calculators

PCB Accord LTD.

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For all your PCB and PCBA requirements, covering all levels of technology from single sided to HDI Micro-via Flex Rigid, we cover all batch sizes from Prototype to mid and volume production.


Welcome to our website.

The site that gives you PWB DFF (PCB DFF) design for fabrication &

PWB DFM (PCB DFM) design for manufacture support for:

PWB (Printed Wire Board / Printed Wiring Board).

Also Known as a:

PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

As you will see this site is undergoing a major reconstruction exercise.

This exercise is being undertaken in order to provide you with new tools that will help you to make the decisions as a designer that will result in a design fit for manufacture.

The tools & checklists are an aid to the PCB DFM & general design process. It is still up to you to make sure that you interpret & ask the right questions of yourself & your design requirement.

This site aims to provide the tools & information that fill in gaps between the various standards (specifications), the PWB / PCB design tools & you.

The site contains two areas of access:

1.   Information (the checklists) & tools that are accessible by anyone.

2.   Tools & further information but you need to be registered in order to use.

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A&S PCB-DFM Consultancy Ltd

Specialising in DFM and Rf design of PCB's.

>30 year's experience in this field.

Review of existing designs, Design definition advice, Design modification, Emphasis on Design for fabrication & assembly, including materials, stack up, signal integrity, impedance structures etc. PCB design including Rf with Mixed Signal, Analogue, Video & Digital, using in-house Mentor Graphics PADS, with PADS Logic or DxDesigner Schematic capture. Extensive use of other Mentor Graphics tools. Experience ranging from: High Volume-Low Tech-Commercial through to Low Volume-High Tech-Military.


Alan Walker:   +44 (0)7976-988934

Sarah Walker: +44 (0)7976-988935

Email: alan.walker@pcb-dfm.co.uk